Store Policy


Each creation is made by hand and has its own individual nuances. We strive for excellence in performance and in our efforts to deliver the highest quality product to the consumer. We work at our personal best to manipulate our skills in an effort to exhibit the uniqueness of each product that we offer. There may be small, if at all noticeable variances in elements of a product that truly contributes more to its distinctiveness. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.



In the event that your product needs some extra attention, we are here to facilitate your needs. If your product’s concerns are a result of normal use (wear and tear) or an action of yours, we will gladly evaluate your product and offer you a quote for the repairs. If you elect not to have your product repaired or restored, we will return your item to you for the cost of shipping. If the product in question needs some premature “TLC”, we will gladly assess the situation and do our best to make your product like Nu. We will extend a discounted rate for repair services.



We strive to make products that will last for an eternity. We take pride in our craftsmanship and envision that our products will become heirlooms in your family. Because we are not able to account for how consumers handle and care for their creations, we are not able to, universally, guarantee the performance of our products. Elements of our products are derived from once-living animals and as such, there is some amount of expected and patina with time. With the proper preservation of our products based on our recommendations, your Tunu Pookrum exclusive should last a lifetime.