Our History & Founder


TPTunu Pookrum, founded in 2015, is the namesake and passion project of the founder.

In learning about the various aspects of working with leather, we became aware of the incredible amount of waste that occurs in the leather industry. The utilization of animal skins is the company’s way of reducing that waste and spreading awareness that a living animal lost its life force in order for there to be a resulting hide. Although, animal leathers are an aftermarket to the food industry, we recognize value in this biproduct. Millions of hides are being discarded, daily. This company makes a concerted effort to ensure that as much of the animal is being used as possible and that these animal hides find a second life. In keeping with company policy, we do not encourage nor commission the killing of animals, but we do value the tradition of using the sacrificed animal in entirety. One of the missions of the company is to educate consumers so they are making informed purchases. The processing, manufacturing and decomposition of animal hides carry far less damaging environmental impacts as compared to synthetic materials and they require less cleaning than non-animal derived materials which reduces the use of energy and resources. Animal skins carry a longer afterlife and are far more durable and versatile.

Animals, like humans, are unique and highlighting that uniqueness is paramount in our design process. More often than not, animal skins with even the smallest blemish will be discarded however we deem these hides equally beautiful and useful. Outdoor living can be rugged and we like to include those hides which are considered to be less than ideal as a reminder that these skins came from a living animal. The business was built on making custom, 1-of-1 pieces and it still seeks to keep pieces in limited offering. We strive to make the most beautiful products from what may have been a tragic ending. Our attention to detail and execution, in addition to our unique aesthetic keeps our pieces in a realm of their own. Welcome to the Tunuverse.


Thank you for visiting tunupookrum.com. This website has been a labor of love as are all of my creations. And perhaps you’ve been able to glean a bit about me from what you’ve seen here, but I would like to briefly give you a bit more insight into the individual and the name behind the brand.

Many people would say the most unique thing about me is my name, but the story of how I got my name is even more unusual than the name itself. I spent the first seven months of my life nameless. My parents eventually gave me the temporary moniker of New Babes. My dad jokes that there was no rush because I didn’t need a driver’s license or anything that required a name so they didn’t see the urgency. But, my parents’ belief that when you pay attention, babies will exhibit traits and characteristics that will guide parents to a befitting name was really the impetus for the delay. The parents are charged with the responsibility of finding a name that defines those qualities. Around the seven-month mark, my parents’ friends began to put on the pressure and remark about how ridiculous it was getting that I hadn’t been named yet so the search began. After looking many places, my dad came across the name Tunu in a book of African names and that was the name my parents chose. It summed up all that I had shown them in those first seven months of my life. They held a naming ceremony and I officially became Tunu – a precious gift.

The patience that my parents had in allowing me to reveal myself to them is the same patience that I have when creating. I allow the materials to speak to me and I observe them as my parents observed me. I put love into every creation and each step is executed with care and great attention to detail. I watch how the materials behave and what they have a tendency to do. I never force a material to do or be something that is not natural for it. My goal is not only to do beautiful work, but also that each creation exudes that love, care, and quality. And for those who acquire one of my works to truly know my creations for what they are; a precious gift given with love; a Tunu!

Tunu Pookrum (tunu pookrum)